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Zimbris Forum Rules
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Zimbris Forum Rules
« on: October 03, 2012, 09:27:09 AM »
Zimbris Forum Rules

Preliminary notes:
1. This is a private forum.
2. When registering on the forum, the user declares that it is minimum 18 years. Users agree to have 18 years but proves to be a false information, risks to be banned (restricting access to the Forum).
3. Membership on this board can be withdrawn to anyone, anytime for breaches of regulations.
4. Regulations applies to all and will not be favored members.

Duties of members:
1. Forum members are personally liable for the content of messages posted.
2. Before opening a new topic, a search is required in advance for not being more topics on the same theme.
3. Topic title should be at object. Topics with inappropriate names are not desirable and will be modified by Administrators or Moderators.
4. It's not allowed posting a message in several sections in order to attract attention quickly. Also the message must be posted in the right section. Indifferent the problem / issue, someone will still respond in due time.
5. Forum is not all one with chat / messenger - so discussions that contain personal details between two or more members will take place via PM (Personal Message). Otherwise, they may be edited by Administrators or Moderators.
6. Posts must be written legibly, without being used language / abbreviations used in the messenger and without exaggeration the Upper Keys - that on the Internet are interpreted by lifting tone of voice. Moderators have the right to edit messages in question and to warn members that post in this manner.If after warning they do not review their posts, likely to be removed.
7. We do not accept multiple accounts belonging to the same person. If a member is banned and creates another account to avoid that sanction or a person owns two or more accounts, it is considered to be a clone. If a clone is created on the forum, the user has 24 hours to contact one of the Administrators or Moderators and to present explanations - otherwise, the member risk to be banned for an undetermined period.
8. People who register only for attacks against any member of the forum will be banned in a short time without them being asked for explanations.
9. Members who post spam messages will also be banned and messages deleted.
10. We do not accept in any case assaults, offenses and charges to be made at the members or their dogs address. Charges can be brought only on the basis of clear evidence. However, regardless of evidence, will keep a decent tone and the post will be a civilized one, without contain insults. Members who launches allusive accusations which can't be proved by concrete evidence, will be sanctioned.
11. It's not allowed that the signature contain image or link sites (otherwise, will be deleted).
12. If a member refers the matter a violation of Forum rules for which no measures were taken until that time, may announce one of the Administrators or Moderators.
13. Members who receive 3 warnings from the Administrators and Moderators of this Forum as a result of breaches of Regulation or inappropriate behavior, at the 4th deviation they will receive BAN.

1. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent except as provided by law.
2. Personal Messages still remain personale.PM's can be used by members of the forum as evidence to justify certain actions when necessary.
3. On insults between two members via Personal Messages of this forum, Administrators may be contacted by presenting, of course, evidence.
4. If you receive spam messages via PM (Personal Messages) please contact one of the Administrators/Moderators.

Administrators and Moderators:
1. Administrators are people in charge of the technical and administrative problems.
2. Administrator status can be granted only in special situations and only the other Administrators proposal.
3. Administrators of this Forum can edit any message, anytime.
4.  The function of Moderator involves some responsibilities and the ability to edit, move, delete or block  other users messages.
5. Moderators must comply, like other members, to the Forum rules and take care that they are respected.
6. The function of Moderator may be on a limited area or may involve all the forum (the latter, which are able to moderate everywhere on the Forum, are Global Moderators).
7. Function of Moderator can be withdrawn only by Administrators.

Final provisions:
1. This regulation may not cover all situations that may appear on this Forum. Administrators and Moderators will take measures according to the particular situation, but will always follow the proper functioning of this Forum.
2. Forum Rules can be changed anytime, even without notice to its members.
3. When you register on this Forum it's assumed that you have read the regulation and you are 100% agree with what is written here.
4. The objective of the current regulation is proper functioning of the Forum, not restricting access to its members. If however the rules will be violated, necessary measures will be taken.